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Foodie Mama needs a Foodie Diet

Yes, I love food.  And I love wine.  And luckily, I really love to exercise.  I lost about 70 lbs in 2008-2009 and have managed to keep it mostly off.  But, sadly, my weight has crept up about 15 lbs from my low.  So I really want to kick start my weight loss again and incorporate some healthier meal choices.  What really worked for me during my weight loss was ultimately a life style change.  I exercised more, and still do, I cut down on white flour and essentially eliminated sweets (but as you can tell from my blog, sweets aren't my foodie passion; I'm more of a salty savory foodie mama)

So, I would really like to lose 40 lbs.  That would put me at, hey, nevermind! I won't say my weight till I'm underway to my goal.

I'm going to target 1800 cals per day (including wine!) and hope to lose 2 lbs per week.  In 20 weeks (so right around our 25th wedding anniversary) I will be the new svelte, healthy me...Just in time for our trip to...hmmmmm....where should we go?

Thanks for the willpower Foodie Fans.  Day 1 is tomorrow.

Foodie Mama


  1. Foodie Mama. . .How about trying some anabolic recipes from ? Your palate doesn't have to suffer because you're on a body-recomposition diet!

    Also, check out the General Fitness Nutrition page here:

    There you'll find some tips on how to balance the three macro-nutrients--proteins, carbs, and fat. The example even uses an 1800-calorie per day diet. Check it out!


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