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Phoodie Mama in Phoenix (aka: everyone should have a blog)

I'm in Phoenix now for work.  Having so far a very productive session with my team here.  As I have said, I work for a large IT company and one of our largest clients in here in Phoenix. 

I will not blog about the details of the food and things I have visited here just yet.  Tonight I simply wanted to blog about blogging for a minute.

I was never one to keep a journal.  I had a diary when I was young because I usually got one each Christmas.  Most days I would write 'boring' on it or nothing at all.

The reason I started this blog was to recall the trip we took to Chile.  But over the past four months it has come to mean something so much more to me.  You see, I do not care who reads my blog.  It can only be me and I'd be happy.  All I know is that I remember things more on the acute and finite level when I write it down.  But, by the way, since many of my favorite recipes are on here, this is my source.  And Annie's, which makes me happy.

Man, I am 43, going to be 44 in a few weeks!  and I want to make sure I capture what happens in my life and the lives of my family and friends.

Keeping a blog seems to slow things down.  I suggest it (or a regular journal if you wish) to everyone as a way to capture the little things that seem to (no, they really do) flee the brain after a while.  And it's the little things that make us who we are.  Remember everything!!

Plenty of Phoenix Phoodie findings to follow.  too tired now. zzzzzzz


Phoodie Mama (ok, yeah , this will be the last time I use the 'Ph' - just could not resist)

P.S. BUT...I bet I will remember this trip a lot more than any of the 73 -  trips I have taken (until I looked I had no idea I had traveled this much) on business because I'm blogging about it.  I won't blog about the work as you all know, but I will blog about the places I eat and the places I visit.  but in my mind, I'll remember everything.

P.P.S.:  So far:  Italian and Cuban food, and these colleagues can party too (luv 'em) .....I'm phull


Personal To:  DK:  You also know this is one of the hardest days for me in another part of my life.  I'm so sad for the Summit.  It was a beautiful idealistic thing but ended up being like a big tumor on me, holding me back from what I really need to focus on now.   I feel like a Phoenix rising up and being phree (ha - ok, one more use of the 'ph' for 'f')  .....So, number one member, and our friend, we can definitely move on....of course we can!  Number one being our meatball THROWDOWN!!!!! .......and what the hell, there is always Aspirus Keweenaw (that's where I'm going) to pump the iron.  - besos


  1. Foodie Mama. . .Number One Member says. . .Join me at the SDC--$396 for the year, including locker and towel service. Why drive ALL THE WAY up to Laurium? Gas is expensive.

    There are a couple of good restaurants up by Desert Ridge. . .Check them out!

    And Trader Joes Market. . .My favorite grocery store. . .I used to go to the one on Camelback and 20th when my mom and dad were there.

    And for the biggest and best poker room in the country, check out Talking Stick Casino on Indian Bend Road.


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