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A Night to Remember

The third annual 'Titanic Party' was held last month at the Miscowaubik Club in Calumet.  It is always a fun event.  Period dress is encouraged so we went all out.  I dressed in a large Victorian hat and lacy long black skirt.  Rachel and Will also dressed up.  Ron wore a suit, which I guess counts.  Mens' suits haven't changed much.

What made this an even more special evening was my friend David, (aka The Anabolic Gourmet) surprised his girlfriend Shirley and proposed to her!  Their first date was at the first Titanic party two years ago.  So, he was on the microphone, welcoming all the guests (he is also the President of the Club) and there were a bunch of cards on each table with 'Yes' on them.  He said that he would be asking a question in a couple of minutes and wanted to make sure he got the answer he wanted.  He mentioned that the Miscowaubik is a place that creates lasting memories, including he and Shirley's first date.  Then he asked us to get our …