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Good Eating in Vegas, Jan 2018

Ron and I went to Las Vegas for a mid winter getaway.  We escaped for four nights and five days of fun in Sin City.  Luckily we had no delays in our flights either way - a mini miracle in the UP.  We departed on the (god forsaken) early flight and got to the Houghton County airport at about 5:00 AM.  With the time change, we got to Vegas at 9:45 AM, with the whole day (Thursday) ahead of us.

We took the courtesy shuttle to the hotel and after the uneventful check in process at the palatial Palazzo hotel, we hit the casino for a bit.  The Palazzo and it's sister hotel/casino, the Venetian, are absolutely beautiful places, the top tier on the Strip currently.  The resort is the 2nd largest hotel in the world and is just massive.  Any thoughts I had of heels were just turned into simply wasted space in my suitcase.  As the name states, the resort is modeled after landmarks in Venice, although, the current decor in the grand lobby and atrium area are Asian themed.

Lunch was at the Ga…