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Roasted Rainbow Carrots - Foodie Mama as Temporary Vegan

I have been feeling my age recently.  Well, maybe a more accurate statement is:  I have been feeling my health lately.  Too much of a good thing, which in my case is carbs and desserts, as we all know so well, is not good.

A good few weeks of clean eating is really necessary after this long winter and I have been giving it a pretty good go.  Today I made the most delicious roasted rainbow carrots which I found in Cooking Light Magazine (March 2018 issue) which I modified slightly.

The toasted pine nuts with the smoky multi-colored/multi-flavored carrots created a delicious flavor combination.  The high temperature confused me at first but the heat nicely charred the carrots and then the reduced temp ensured they were soft to the bite.  This dish would be a great side with any main dish of meat, poultry or fish.  Today I ate it standalone.

Roasted Carrots with Pine Nuts
1T EVOO1/4 t Kosher Salt1/4 t pepper1 lb carrots, sliced in half2 T chopped fresh flat-leaf parsley2 T pin…
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Pizelle - the perfect sweet treat

My family had never made pizelle as I was growing up.  In fact, I never even had one until I started being close friends with Mary.  Her mother, Helen,  made them all the time.  They are a light, anise flavored Italian cookie.  Helen used to keep them on hand most of the time, stored in a large tin in a low cupboard in her kitchen,

There are many recipes for pizelle on the Internet.  I use one that makes them turn out more crispy, vs more cakey, but all are delicious.

The main thing to know before attempting to make pizelle is that you absolutely need a  pizelle iron.  I have a new non-stick one but Helen, and also David, with whom I made made batches for last month for the Miscowaubik Italian party, have old, well seasoned metal irons.  All work fine.  You just need to play with yours to see how long you need to cook the pizelle, and each batch of dough is a bit different it seems.  The last time I made a batch a few weeks ago, mine were done at exactly 23 seconds.

In place of the tr…

Good Eating in Vegas, Jan 2018

Ron and I went to Las Vegas for a mid winter getaway.  We escaped for four nights and five days of fun in Sin City.  Luckily we had no delays in our flights either way - a mini miracle in the UP.  We departed on the (god forsaken) early flight and got to the Houghton County airport at about 5:00 AM.  With the time change, we got to Vegas at 9:45 AM, with the whole day (Thursday) ahead of us.

We took the courtesy shuttle to the hotel and after the uneventful check in process at the palatial Palazzo hotel, we hit the casino for a bit.  The Palazzo and it's sister hotel/casino, the Venetian, are absolutely beautiful places, the top tier on the Strip currently.  The resort is the 2nd largest hotel in the world and is just massive.  Any thoughts I had of heels were just turned into simply wasted space in my suitcase.  As the name states, the resort is modeled after landmarks in Venice, although, the current decor in the grand lobby and atrium area are Asian themed.

Lunch was at the Ga…

Slow Cooker Rosemary Chicken

I hope everyone's January is going well.  All I know is here, in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, we have been slammed with snow so far this winter; over 190 inches to date.  We are currently in the middle of a little thaw, which is a welcome blessing.  This Thursday, Ron and I are headed to Las Vegas for 5 days, 4 nights and can't wait to get out of the cold for a bit.  More to come on that mini adventure in days to come.

As you can all see from previous blog posts, I am a big fan of the slow cooker and use it often.  This recipe is so tasty; the chicken just falls off of the bone and the rosemary and garlic make it incredibly flavorful.  I used all legs (inexpensive as well!) but you can use breasts, thighs, etc. as well.

Slow Cooker Rosemary Chicken Legs
Ingredients: 12 Chicken Legs, skin removed, if desired 2 TB jarred minced garlic or 2 cloves fresh garlic, minced 1 TB EVOO 2 t dried rosemary, or equivalent fresh rosemary Salt and Pepper to taste 1/2 C water
Directions: Was…

Polenta - A simple change, and it's GF...

I have recently been starting to use polenta more often in my cooking.  It is an alternative to  pasta and is gluten free, which even for those of us with no issues with gluten, is a lighter option.

I made some quick sauce (recipe here in this blog) this week to use with ravioli we didn't use from Christmas Eve (it keeps for several months in the freezer in freezer bags).  The ravioli of course were fabulous, but today for lunch, I chose to fry up some polenta to use up the remaining sauce.

There is really nothing to it.  I usually buy prepared polenta, where all I have to do is cut it into slices, heat EVOO in a pan, and lightly fry it up.

You can put mozzarella, fresh basil, prosciutto, really anything you have as a topper; I went pure and just used the sauce.  Delicious and satisfying on this cold UP winter day.

Starting the Mediterranean Diet - Jan 2018

Happy 2018 to everyone!  I hope everyone has high hopes for 2018 and and I wish everyone much prosperity and happiness.

I turned 50 last year and am really trying to focus on my health and well being.  Diet and exercise need to be more automatic in my day to day activities.  The Mediterranean Diet philosophy seems to be one that I could adhere to.  It contains all of the foods I love.

I'll track my progress here and try to blog recipes leading to my weight loss goals in 2018.  Ron and I have an upcoming trip to Vegas planned in a few weeks so I'll also blog about the food adventures there.

Happy to be back - I have missed regular blogging.  Hope you enjoy my recipe for Italian cabbage coup.  Variations are really limitless, depending on your taste preferences.  This soup is low calorie, heart healthy (even healthier if you swap the sausage for chicken or even forgo meat altogether) yet so very satisfying.

Italian Cabbage and Sausage Soup
1/2 Head of Cabbage, Coarsely chopped

Chicken Parmesean

Will started college at Michigan Tech this week; he's going to study Finance.  We are proud of him.  I also went there and received three degrees:  AAS in Electrical Engineering Technology, BS in Electrical Engineering and an MS in Business. Still to this day and after 21 years on the job, getting my BS in EE was my most difficult accomplishment.  It was damn hard...

It is Saturday and we are doing some cleaning, purging really, and I decided to make Chicken Parmesan for lunch, it is one of Will's favorites.

I thought that I had blogged the recipe previously, but I guess I hadn't.  So here it is.  The crust on the outside keeps in all the juices.  Fantastic.  I hope you enjoy my version of this popular dish.

Chicken Parmesan
2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
1/2 C all purpose flour
2 eggs
2/3 C Italian style fine breadcrumbs
1/4 C Parmesan cheese
2 C marinara sauce (plus more for the pasta).  I used my marinara sauce in this blog, but use what you choose!
8 oz fresh mozz…

Weeknight Easy. Rigatoni with Sweet Sausage and Creamy Marinara

Hello Foodies!  Hope 2016 is treating you well and you are savoring every moment.  I want to share a super easy and satisfying weeknight supper.

My son, Will is a Senior in High School this year and is playing Varsity Football.  When he gets home he is tired, sore and always hungry.....and right now, hungry!

Try this robust, hearty and satisfying dish which takes 30 mins from start to finish...

Sweet Sausage Rigatoni with Creamy Marinara
1 TB Olive Oil 1 Package Sweet Italian Sausage (ground or casings removed), abut 1-1.5 # 1 15 oz can Crushed Tomatoes 1TB Dried Basil 1 TB Dehydrated Minced Onion 1t Garlic Salt 1/2 t Salt 1/2 t Black Pepper 2 t Dried Parsley 1 C Half and Half 1 lb Rigatoni, cooked per directions
Heat oil in large frying pan over medium heat and add sausage, crumbling as you add to pan.  Keep a bit chunky, about the size that you'd have on a pizza.  Cook until no longer pink, about 10-12 minutes.Add dehydrated onion, garlic powder, basil and salt and st…

Simple- to- Make Dessert Made Fancy

I have been going to a lot of Pot Luck dinners lately.  My work assignment has changed recently which has reduced my travel from twice a moth to nearly never!  This has allowed me to participate in a lot more community events which I had not been able to in the past four years.

One of the groups I am a member of is called the Daughters of Italy.  It was founded about one hundred years ago in the Copper Country of Upper Michigan as a group for Italian immigrant women to help each other in a new place where things were unfamiliar and foreign.  It still exists today but more of a social club. 

We meet once a month and this month I am providing a dessert.  I made this Lemon Cookies and Cream Trifle.  I could have just as easily made this in a 9x11 pan, but the trifle makes it more fancy and pretty.  This was so easy and delicious.  I am going to try with chocolate pudding and chocolate cookies next time. 

Lemon Cookies and Cream Trifle
Ingredients: 2  - 3.4 oz packages instant lemon pud…

Happy 2015 Foodie Followers - Italian Pot Roast Rustica

Greetings and Happy New Year from Foodie Mama....

I hope this year is a great one for all.  Foodie Mama is hoping for a productive and fantastic one too.

Here is a simple recipe I made today with things around the kitchen.  A new spin on regular pot roast and roasted potatoes and carrots that I make a lot. 

It is quiet here today.  I'm cooking and listening to some Pandora and drinking a Peppermint Mocha.  Steely Dan Radio and Reggae played alternatively.  Will is at basketball practice and Ron is out plowing from the mini storm we had last night.  Ahhhh, I love peaceful Sunday afternoons.  The last two weeks have been great with the holidays, friends, family and down time from work.  Back to work and school tomorrow all rejuvenated and ready to tackle the new challenges this year brings. 

Mange and I hope you enjoy this hearty dish. - Foodie Mama

Italian Style Pot Roast

2 lb Top or Bottom Round or Rump Roast
2 C Baby Carrots
1 1/2 C Small Potatoes (Red or Yellow)
1 c…