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Simple- to- Make Dessert Made Fancy

I have been going to a lot of Pot Luck dinners lately.  My work assignment has changed recently which has reduced my travel from twice a moth to nearly never!  This has allowed me to participate in a lot more community events which I had not been able to in the past four years.

One of the groups I am a member of is called the Daughters of Italy.  It was founded about one hundred years ago in the Copper Country of Upper Michigan as a group for Italian immigrant women to help each other in a new place where things were unfamiliar and foreign.  It still exists today but more of a social club. 

We meet once a month and this month I am providing a dessert.  I made this Lemon Cookies and Cream Trifle.  I could have just as easily made this in a 9x11 pan, but the trifle makes it more fancy and pretty.  This was so easy and delicious.  I am going to try with chocolate pudding and chocolate cookies next time. 

Lemon Cookies and Cream Trifle
Ingredients: 2  - 3.4 oz packages instant lemon pud…