Creamy, Cozy and Simple: Rice Pudding

   We have been enjoying a mild winter here in the beautiful upper peninsula of Michigan.  Only in the last few days has the temperature dropped to the single digits.  The snowfall total is also much under it's usual amount for this time of year.  With the country and the world lining up for their COVID vaccines, many of us are still pretty timid about going out for dinner.  Last week, the restaurant and bar closure was lifted so I am looking forward to getting out a bit; 25% capacity and social distancing in force.    I was scrolling through New York Times Cooking , my favorite place to find new recipes, and I found this simple, but time consuming recipe for rice pudding.  This one is from Mark Bittman and Sam Sifton.  Notes I made to the chefs' recipe are shown inside parentheses below.   I started making this creamy dessert at about 9:30 last night and enjoyed some warm, just out of the oven,  at about 1:00 AM.  Ron fell asleep waiting so he had some this morning after it ha
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