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Day 5 in Chile - Jan 1, 2011 - Trip Half Over!

For staying out until 3:00 AM and not going to sleep until after 4, I was up surprisingly early.  Veronica and I went for a walk.  The streets in Vina are very steep.  We walked down quite a ways and got a decent workout.  We all had breakfast and went on our way to another tour of the coast.  This time more North, past the town where Pedro lives.  It was another beautiful day.  We were getting a bit crowded in the truck so Ron got out and sat in the back.  He ended up with a terrible sunburn because of the reflection on the dark truck on the back of his leg.  But he said it was better than having Will sit on his lap for one more mile.

We stopped at some points along the way to take photos and went to another beach and Will swam again.  Emilia, Juan's oldest sister, and her fiance, Sebastian, had arrived at the house so we went there to meet them.  Emelia is a physiologist and works in social services and Sebastian is an architectural designer.  They are getting married this July.  Emelia speaks some English, pretty well, actually.

We all were invited again to Juan Carlos' brother's after lunch.  We ate some enchiladas and rice and then drove back to Pedro's.  No dancing today, but karaoke!  They were doing a mix of English and Spanish songs.  I am so terrible at karaoke and vowed each time I do it to never do it again, but there I was, singing Frank Sinatra songs with Ron.  Ugh.

Juan Carlos stayed there with his brothers for a while longer and the rest of us went back to the house for our last night in Vina del Mar.  Back to Talegante tomorrow.
Typical Chilean Breakfast


Coke, Sebestian, Emelia, Will, Juan, Rachel