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Gino's Cheeseburger - Heaven on a Bun

I have been going to Gino's Restaurant in Hancock for as long as I can remember.  My Mom's first home was where the vacant lot is now next to Gino's on Quincy Street.  My Grandpa was a cook there for I think over 30 years.  My Grandma worked there and so did my Mom as a waitress.  We lived only a few doors down when I was growing up and I waled over to Gino's countless times picking up our pizza or spaghetti to go.  Gino's has been there since the 1930's and continues to be a hometown institution with its Italian specialties.  Ron and I and our kids go there too at least a couple of times a week now and when I crave a burger, which I often do, there is no other than the burgers at Gino's.  It is really nothing special and nothing fancy it just tastes so darn good and it only costs about $4.  They grind their own burger out of sirloin and they always taste so fresh.  I order mine cooked medium and have it with Swiss cheese and nothing else; it comes on a toasted crusty roll.  I cut in in half and I usually have a side of ranch dressing to dunk it in.  Highly recommended.  I just had one last night....Much more on Gino's in future blogs.

-Foodie Mama

Gino's Restaurant (I don't think they have an official website)
Gino's 'Bulk Burger'