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Snowshoeing and Prosecco - 12/29/11

Even though I have been to McLain State Park probably hundreds of times in my life, I always enjoy it and find new things to take away every time I go, especially in winter.  Ron and I went for a great snowshoe today.  We walked all around the frozen shoreline to the breakwaters and then back on the ski trail.  It was so beautiful.  So quiet.  No one was there.  We really had the place to ourselves.  Lake Superior is not frozen over by any means.  There was open water everywhere.  It was a great day and the sun was out for the majority of it.  After our exercise (90 mins - about 4 miles), we took a ride to Calumet Waterworks a few miles north.  Ron had surprised me and brought along the bottle of  Italian sparkling wine , Lamarca Prosecco, that Cathy had bought for us for Christmas and I failed to remember it until I saw it yesterday in the fridge!  What a happy surprise.  

The Lamarca Prosecco  was a crisp tart wine.  It was not too dry and more sweet than other sparkling wines I have had recently (like the Undurraga Brut we had in Chile).  It had flavors of apples and peaches.  I thought I tasted some citrus too.  Thanks to Cathy and Carl for the great selection.  Sparkling wine is not just for New Year's or hot summer days as you can see!

LaMarca Prosecco
I think the last time I had a prosecco was with Julie last summer.  
The Lighthouse - ice and the open water
Ron taking a rest
Me along the shore of Lake Superior