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La Trattoria de Gemignani - 4 Cheers

Last Saturday evening, Ron and I were going through the exercise we often do while deciding where to go out to dinner.  Living in such a small town, we are limited in our restaurant choices.  While we often go to Gemignani's for lunch, I don't know that I have ever had dinner there.  We arrived at about 6:00, which is earlier than normal for us.  The place was busy, there was pleasant music playing to set the ambiance:  some Sinatra, some big band, and it was loud enough to create a good mood.

2009 Mirassou Pinot Noir

We sat in a booth near the window and ordered a bottle of Mirassou Pinot Noir, 2009 ($19).  We were still undecided on our meal choices so figured a Pinot Noir is light enough for a pasta dish and also works with a heavier dish.  Mirassou makes a decent wine, from central California.  It's also very reasonably priced.  Their Chardonnay is also very good.

I decided on the Smoked Salmon Linguine ($15) and Ron chose the Lasagna Bolognese. ($10)  Ron also ordered a tomato basil soup and a Caesar salad as starters. 

The soup was very nice.  It was quite sweet and light.  The Caesar salad did not have the cream type dressing as I am used to but rather a fresh lemony one.  It was delicious.

Smoked Salmon Linguine and Lasagna Bolognese

Our entrees arrived a few minutes later.  My linguine dish looked fabulous, and it was a very large portion; I was glad I skipped the appetizers.  The linguine was topped with a good helping of smoked salmon, sun dried tomatoes and capers.  It was tossed in a very light white wine cream sauce and also had some artichoke hearts (which I could have done without).  I was very pleased with my meal.  Ron's lasagna was also nicely done.  It was a basic cheese lasagna made with Gemignani's traditional bolognese sauce that has been in the owner's family for three generations.  Ron topped off the meal with a slice of homemade raspberry pie a la mode.
Raspberry Pie a La Mode

We were very satisfied with our Saturday dinner out.  We had great service, a very pleasant atmosphere, excellent wine, a delicious meal, and of course,  great company.

I definitely recommend Gemignani's Restaurant for a nice cozy dinner for two!

Gemignani's - Hancock, MI

Foodie Mama's Restaurant Rating:  Gemignani's:  4 Cheers

(1 = Poor, 5 = Sublime)

Atmosphere:  3.5
Service:  4.5
Food:  4.5
Overall Foodie-worthiness:  4