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40 Days of Fishy Fridays

I haven't blogged since last weekend; the week was hectic at work and I didn't cook much, or cooked old stand-bys that I have already blogged about!

So, Lent started the week so on Ash Wednesday, Ron and I went to Joey's Seafood and Grill in Houghton.  It is a very pleasant place.  The decor is quaintly nautical and the food is decent for a chain, and reasonably priced.  I love the fish tacos, $2.50 each!  They are breaded pollack and a good size piece for each.  It seems with 2 tacos, there is the same amount of fish as in the fish and chips, for less money.  The sauce seemed different that I had it previously; I thought I remembered a bit of spice - this tasted more like just ranch dressing.  The tortilla also came with cabbage and tomatoes.  All in all a great deal and I'll probably visit many times during the next 40 days!

Missed blogging about Fat Tuesday, but as I said, a hectic week.

Food Forever,
Foodie Mama

Joey's Fish Tacos