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'Fine Dining' in the Keweenaw

It was Monday, I didn't feel like cooking, so we decided to go out to dinner.  As usual, the decision on where to go in our small community took a while.  We decided to go the the Pilgrim River Steakhouse in Houghton.  The Pilgrim River was opened about ten years ago by the sister of the current owners of the Ambassador, so these people know how to run a restaurant.  The decor is very cute; an outdoorsy, north country, woodsey look.  The lounge has tables for a more casual atmosphere for lunch or dinner (there were two guys having a beer and playing cribbage when we were there) and there is also another dining room for a more finer feel

Ron and I had a glass of wine at the bar then took our seat at a Birdseye maple table in the lounge.  We ordered breaded cauliflower as an appetizer.  It was very tasty and definitely home-made.  Gotta have the old ranch dressing to dip into.  I think they were $5.95.  Super yummy, worth the cals for sure.

Spinach Salad and Steak Parmesan Sandwich
For our main course I went with a crispy chicken spinach salad ($9.95).  It was made with fresh baby spinach, topped with a warm sweet and sour dressing, chopped bacon, sliced hard cooked eggs and pieces of crispy chicken.  It was excellent.  Ron forewent the ribs he wanted and opted for the Steak Parmesan sandwich ($9.95).  Sirloin cooked medium, on a crusty roll spread with pesto.  On the steak was melted provolone cheese and finally topped with parmesan cheese.  Also very good.  Ron took one half home and I ate it for breakfast the next morning.

Bar at Pilgrim River Steakhouse
I'd definitely recommend the Pilgrim River for a nice lunch, a casual dinner or even a bit of fine dining in the Keweenaw.

Foodie Mama