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Sunday Drive and Salad Pizza

I totally missed the time change yesterday morning.  I must be out of touch.  So instead of it being 10:00 when we were leaving the house to go out for breakfast, it was actually 11:00.  We decided to take a ride to Calumet and go for lunch instead. 

Salad Pizza
We went to Jim's Pizza, an institution in Calumet, which has been in the community for at least 40 years.  It has a very casual diner-like setting.  Burgers, pizza, sandwiches, salads and other short orders are featured on the menu.  Ron loves their pizza; they ordered a half cheese and sausage and half cheese, sausage and ham.  I ordered a 'salad pizza', a unique dish that is basically just that, a salad placed on pizza crust.  I really enjoyed it. 

Home Made Onion Rings
For a starter, we ordered Jim's home made onion rings.  I have loved these things since I was a kid.  The are great and come piled high on a plate.  Enough for all to share.  This is the only dish that I eat with ketchup.  Jim's is a great place to take the family.  It is inexpensive, quick service, and consistent food.  Let's hope it stays open another 40 years.