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Havana Cafe

After our first day of work in Phoenix, we went out to dinner at a Cuban/Spanish/Latino restaurant called Havana Cafe.  We tried a lot of different Latin inspired foods.  For our Tapas we enjoyed Sangria and 3 appetizers:  Maduras Fritos (fried, ripe, sweet plantain slices) with a mango sauce, Tortilla Espanola (traditional Spanish potato pie, served with a zesty tomato sherry sauce) and Sun Spots (sweet potato fries served with a spicy homemade banana-guava sauce).  They were all delicious, I especially liked the plantains.

Salmon con Salsa Papaya
For my main entree, I chose Salmon con Salsa Papaya, which was fresh salmon pan-broiled, finished with a creamy fresh tarragon sauce and garnished with sliced, fresh papaya.  The salmon was very tasty but the sauce was overly salty and the texture of the papaya did not seem to suit the dish.  My colleagues tried several other dishes, mainly fish or seafood. 

We skipped dessert but all had an after dinner drink.  I had Sol y Sombre (sun and shadow), a combination of a shot of anise and Spanish brandy.  One of my colleagues had Quarenta y Tres (or '43'), which is a vanilla liquor made up of 43 different ingredients.  Leighton let me know that it is good with coffee and cream (Cafe con Leche!)  Muy bueno!!!

Foodie Mama, Venkat, Leighton (our host), Tara, Ron, Larry