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Library Restaurant's Creamy Swiss Onion Au Gratin Soup

The Library restaurant has been an institution in Houghton since 1967.  It was opened originally by Jon Davis.  I have enjoyed going there since I was in junior high.  The atmosphere has always been very unique and has always remained trendy.  There were two fires over the years but the beautiful brick facade and outside structure is still in place, and the interior is roomy, bright and very pleasant.  I love their sushi Tuesday, which I will have to blog about at some point.

My favorite soup in the world is the Library's House soup; the creamy Swiss onion au gratin.  Even Ron and Will, onion haters, looove this creamy soup.  I'd like to try to recreate it at home, but for now, I'll just head over to the Library for a bowl.  Yummy.  It is a creamy soup, with soft onions, croutons and shredded swill cheese on top.