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Fettuccine Alfredo Throwdown!

Last evening we were invited to our friend's house for dinner.  It was none other than at the home of the Anabolic Gourmet.  He saw my posting for chicken fettuccine Alfredo and wanted a chance to top mine in flavor and nutritional benefits.  I must admit, it was right up there with Foodie Mama's.  The sauce was very creamy and not from whipping cream, but from non-fat half and half.  I did not even know there was such a thing.  Very tasty!  Will couldn't (or maybe wouldn't) even pick Foodie Mama's or Anabolic Gourmet's over one another.  It was a very nice evening with some good friends and neighbors.   "Life is about good friends, good food, and good health to enjoy it" - AG


2009 Ecco Domini Pino Grigio
Whisky and Brandy Manhattans
Cheese ball and Whole Grain crackers


AG's Gooey Garlic Bread

Assorted Ice Cream
More Wine


The Perfect Manhattan on the Rocks (old School)
2 oz Brandy or Whiskey
1/2 oz Sweet Vermouth
2-3 dashes Angosuura bitters
Maraschino Cherry for garnish
Ice Cubes
Put bitters into the bottom of a rocks glass.  Add some ice cubes, the alcohol and vermouth.  Stir.  Garnish with cherry.

Foodie Mama made the spinach salad.  I love this and don't make it enough.  I cooked the bacon in the microwave on top of a paper towel and a paper bag, to get all the grease.  Added some sliced red onion also.

Slicing the Grilled Chicken

AG Plating the Fettuccine

AG's Grilled Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo

Shirley, Anabolic Gourmet, Ryan

Will and Ron