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Happy Mama's Day - Brunch at the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge

Happy Mother's Day to all your mamas out there.  To celebrate the day yesterday, Ron and I and the kids went to up Copper Harbor and had brunch at the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge.  It's a beautiful place that is owned and operated by Keweenaw County.  It was built during the depression by the WPA as one of the federal programs.  After the copper mines began to decline and close, there was 70-80% unemployment in the region in the early 1930's.

The historic lodge houses the restaurant, lounge and ballroom.  There is an adjacent 9 hole golf course and cabins for overnight stays.  The cabins are very quaint yet very comfortable.  The restaurant is very nice.  Fine dining in Keweenaw County. 

For Mother's Day, they featured a full brunch with a huge spread of appetizers including olive tampenade crostini, tuna and dill stuffed apricots, caprese salad and mushroom and artichoke salad.  For the mains:  Prime Rib (medium rare), ham, chicken marsala, baked cod, summer squash, chicken pasta pomodoro and roasted red potatoes.  Complimentary mimosas were also available.  I love the KML; it reminds me of my other favorite historic place, the Miscowaubic Club.  Ironic that the Misco was built when the mines were in their heyday for the wealthy mine bosses, and the KML when they were in their decline (to keep the ex-miners working to support their families).

It was great to see the lodge with a nice crowd.  With the poor economy, the last few years have been tough for Copper Harbor.  It is such a beautiful and unique town.  I spend a lot of time there hiking, biking, or just going for a nice ride on a Sunday afternoon.  But, it is so remote it is not always on everyone' destination recently, especially with the gas prices.  Let's hope we have a nice summer and the KML and the other businesses in Copper Harbor have a good season.

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