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The Harbor Haus - Copper Harbor, MI

Wow, have not blogged in a month.  Summer is always so busy with Will's baseball and now soccer too.

I definitely did eat at a place last weekend that is blog-worthy, the Harbor Haus in Copper Harbor.  It has been there for several decades and is always a treat to go to.  It has been several years since I had eaten there.  A friend of mine, Craig, who has a degree from the Culinary Institute of America, is a sous chef there and suggested we come in for dinner.  Last Sunday was a gorgeous day so Ron and I decided to take a ride to the Keweenw in the Solstice. 

The Harbor Haus is a traditional German restaurant and the waitresses wear the typical costume.  I didn't get a photo but you can see the attire on their website (link is above).

Duck Liver Pate
For our appetizer, we ordered  duck liver pate and it was just like butter.  It was served w/ crostini and endive leaves.  Heavenly.  There were also edible flowers as a garnish.

For our salad course, I had a mixed green salad with the creamy house bacon dressing and Ron had a Caesar; I ate his anchovies.

Filet Mignon
For our entrees, Ron chose a filet mignon with a mushroom sauce with a side of German noodles, I can't recall the actual name now.  Very nice.  I chose the salmon with capers and a side of chard.  Delicious.

A trip to the Harbor Haus in Copper Harbor is well worth the drive!


  1. Good post Foodie Mama! I'll just add that the German noodles are called Spaetzle (pronounced Shpet zel). And the waitress uniforms are traditional German lederhosen.

    Anabolic Gourmet Blog


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