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Polenta - A simple change, and it's GF...

I have recently been starting to use polenta more often in my cooking.  It is an alternative to  pasta and is gluten free, which even for those of us with no issues with gluten, is a lighter option.

I made some quick sauce (recipe here in this blog) this week to use with ravioli we didn't use from Christmas Eve (it keeps for several months in the freezer in freezer bags).  The ravioli of course were fabulous, but today for lunch, I chose to fry up some polenta to use up the remaining sauce.

There is really nothing to it.  I usually buy prepared polenta, where all I have to do is cut it into slices, heat EVOO in a pan, and lightly fry it up.

You can put mozzarella, fresh basil, prosciutto, really anything you have as a topper; I went pure and just used the sauce.  Delicious and satisfying on this cold UP winter day.

Sliced Polenta
With Meat Sauce