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Easy Keto Pub Grub

My Foodie Followers know that I love the meal boxes.  Hello Fresh, Home Chef, Green Chef, Sunbasket - all of 'em.  I appreciate the convenience they bring while also allowing me to cook healthy, creative and tasty meals.  The best ones are the ones I can replicate on my own, without the cost of the meal kit.  Green Chef is one of my favorites and I have been getting their Keto boxes for a while now.

This recipe is one of my favorites and I have repeated twice already.  Excellent Bar Food, Pub Grub, Comfort food, whatever you want to call it.  It's just a burger and fries, but all Keto and so yummy! 

The different tastes and textures of the burger, the slaw and the squash fries all meld together into a lovely, spicy surprise to the palate, while also being a simple dish to prepare.  Enjoy!

Southwest Provolone Burgers, Butternut Squash Fries and Pepita Slaw

10 oz ground beef
2 ox provolone cheese
1/4 c spicy lime aioli (see recipe below)
1 t ground cumin
1 t ground c…

The Thighs Have It: Chicken Biryani and Chicken Korma

Happy Summer, Foodie Followers!  I hope you are enjoying the fab weather, as I am here in the U.P..  However, no such luck of any resemblance to the 'lazy days of Summer'; we have been booked almost every day, and certainly every weekend since Memorial Day.

The most notable thing I did this season, was back in late June/Early July, I traveled to Chennai, India for my brother's wedding.  It was an absolutely amazing experience to meet my new sister in law's family, to be immersed in the culture of South India for a week and of course, enjoying all of the amazing food.*

I will be getting some recipes for some of the chutneys I had over there which I will add soon.  These two dishes here are not necessarily representative of Chennai or South Indian cooking, but delicious nonetheless and which I have made recently.  Chicken Biryani, is a drier, rice based dish with origins mainly in North India, but it has spread to all parts of the country.  Korma is also a popular cookin…

Bam. Spicy Creole Jambalaya

I made a ham this Sunday for dinner, and with our family unit getting smaller and smaller, I had a lot left over, even after giving Will enough for many sandwiches.

When I was young, my Mom often cooked jambalaya with leftover ham so I thought I'd wing it and try to make it as close to how I remember she did it.  I could have called her for the recipe, but it was 10 PM by the time I got around to prepping dinner.

I had blogged another jambalaya recipe a few years ago which had potatoes in it.  This version, in my opinion is a lot better.  There is plenty of heat and the flavors of the creole spice are a treat for the palate.  And did I say so so so easy?  This was 25 mins of prep and cooking time.  This was close to my Mom's but I think mine has bit more heat.  I think I'll bring her some over tomorrow.  Serve with corn bread (gluten free preferred) for optimal enjoyment!

Spicy Jambalaya (Serves 4)
2 C chopped, cooked ham
1 15 oz can fired roasted diced toma…

Saag Paneer #2

As with any protein, marinating prior to cooking allows the flavors to really come to life.  This version of Saag Paneer started with a recipe I found in a cookbook by a Food Network personality, Aarti Sequira, titled Aarti Paarti. 

This differs from another Saag Paneerrecipe I posted a few months ago in that this variation (#2) does not have any tomatoes and as I mentioned above, the paneer cheese is marinated in spices for at least 30 minutes prior to frying.

Serve with basamati rice, naan, as a side dish or alone.   Me?  I had mine today as a side dish with a juicy hamburger on a gluten free bun.  Who said you can't mix up your food regions?

- Eat what you love!

Foodie Mama

Saag Paneer #2  (serves 4 as a side dish or 2 for a main, with rice)

1 t ground turmeric
1/2 t cayenne pepper
olive oil
12 oz paneer cheese, cut into 1 inch cubes
1 lb greens (kale, spinach, chard) with stems removed and chopped into ribbons
1 medium yellow onion, minced (about 3/4 c)
1 t …

Chicken Saag; Foodie Mama is Getting Better at Indian Cooking

Guess what, foodie followers?!  Foodie Mama is going to southern India; Chennai, to be exact.  My brother John is getting married to Meena and her family lives in Chennai and that is the wedding venue.  The ceremony is on July 4th but I will arrive a few days earlier.  Rachel will be traveling with me.  We had to get our measurements because we will be wearing sarees for the occasion.  I asked for a navy/royal blue and grey/silver and Rachel opted for hot pink and silver.  I'm looking forward to it a lot.  I have some work colleagues and employees I may try to see as well.

As my followers already know, I LOVE Indian food.  I try to make it and am slowly getting better.  Mastering the spices and the level of heat is the tricky part.  I made this Chicken Saag recipe last week and it was amazing.  I have blogged a Saag Paneer recipe previously, with delicious paneer cheese; this one is a bit different in that the greens are not pureed and fresh ginger is used, not dried, and of cours…

It's Mardi Gras! Have some Creamy, Dreamy Cream Puffs

In observance of Mardi Gras, I had to post something slightly sinful.  While these cream puffs taste sinful, they are made without any sugar (unless you add some to the cream) so they are not even too naughty.

Mardi Gras makes me recall visiting New Orleans with my friend Julie about ten years ago.  We had so much fun in the French Quarter; listened to a lot of Jazz, drank a lot of hurricanes and ate great food.  There was a Mardi Gras Party this past weekend at the Miscowaubik club.  The food was fantastic.  Mussels, Shrimp Creole, Jambalaya, Chicken Gumbo, some lovely veggie side dishes, and of course,  pecan pralines for dessert.  Foodie Mama tried to make those a few years ago and it was an epic fail.  I'll try again sometime.

Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow starts Lent.  I'll share some good soup and simple meal recipes during the next 40 days.

Back to the cream puffs.  My sister Sara bought me a great whipped cream dispenser, with chargers and all, for Christmas. …