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Hearty Beef Stew

Beef Stew is a favorite of my family and it is so easy and comforting on a mid-winter day.  It is so simple to make with the exception of chopping the veggies, but it is well worth it.  This is another recipe that seems to get tweaked a little every time I make it.  I used to like it with more flour, now, I prefer to make it with a more clear broth.  I often make this the night before and then put it in the slow cooker the next day (low for 1 hour and then warm all day) to further tenderize the meat.

Foodie Mama's Beef Stew:

1.5 - 2 lb Stew Meat (I used pre-tenderized meat from the supermarket)
2.5 lb Potatoes, cubed  (I used red potatoes with the skin left on; any potato, peeled or unpeeled will work)
5-6 Carrots, chopped (I used a half bag of baby carrots to save the chopping!)
1 Rutabaga (about 1 lb) peeled and chopped
1 C Beef Broth
2 T Dehydrated Onion, minced
2 t Salt
2 t Pepper
1 t Garlic Powder
2 T Flour for thickening  (I used Wondra for less lumps)

Brown the stew meat over med heat in a large pot.  Add onions, salt, pepper and garlic powder.  Stir to combine, ensuring meat well browned, about 15 minutes.  Add the beef broth and continue to cook, 10 minutes.  Add the carrots, potatoes and rutabaga and enough water to just cover the stew.  Heat to boiling. Reduce heat, cover and simmer until vegetables are tender.  Add flour into stew and continue to cook until slightly thickened.  Serve with bread.

Happy Valentine's Day from Foodie Mama.