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Typical Chilean Breakfast - For One

Yes, another Chile blog.  Well not really about Chile itself, but about breakfast in Chile.  As I have previously blogged about, breakfast in Chile is a light meal consisting of milk, coffee or tea, juice and bread or toast. They are accompanied by marmalade, manjar (dulce de leche), butter, cheese, ham or other meat, butter, avocado and tomato.  Sometimes we had some fresh fruit as well.

These are foods I eat all the time (with the exception of dulce de leche) but somehow it seemed different and unique.  I loved it;  I think mainly because it was eaten as a family; a time to all get together in the morning to discuss the plans for the day.

I set a 'table for one' this morning and made myself the typical Chilean breakfast and talked to myself about my plans for the day:  work, pay bills, make dinner...sigh, not the same without the whole family.  It tasted better in Chile....

Have a great day and eat your breakfast!

Yours in Food, 
Foodie Mama