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Oodles of Zoodles

I tried a gadget today that I hadn't used before - the veggie noodle spiral-er.  Mickayla brought it over to our house last summer and I saw her make zoodles and squoodles from time to time, but I hadn't tried it myself.  I do recall moving it out of the way several times, however.

So, today I made soem zucchini noodles with pesto and it was great!  No carbs yet the texture tricked me into believing it was full-carb spaghetti.  Definately something I will do again and woudl recommend getting one of these.

I heated them slightly after 'making' - about 30 seconds in the microwave - and then simply tossed in about 2T olive oil and some organic grape tomatoes.  Here is a foto of the finished product and the required gadget.

Zoodles, Pesto and Grape Tomatoes

Spiral Veggie Noodler