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Instapot Chicken Salsa Verde

Every year at this time I start cooking more often.  September and October always feel 'new' to me.  The start of the new school year, I guess.  Even though we are still in the grasp of the Covid-19 pandemic, schools are in session.  Some in person, some virtual, some masking, others maskless; but kids are back to learning.  And Foodie Mama s back to cooking.

This recipe I made up on my own and it was delicious.  So easy.  Rachel bought me an Instapot last year for Christmas and I adore how fast it cooks chicken breasts.  They always come out juicy; it is really foolproof.

I was in the mood for Mexican, but not with a lot of creamy sauces.  This recipe for chicken salsa verde can be used with tacos, enchiladas (which is how I served it tonight) or even as a base for white bean chicken chlli.  Using jarred salsa verde took all the guesswork out with regard to spices and measuring.  Just add salt, pepper and lime juice to taste, after cooking. 

Perhaps I was craving the green chili because I was supposed to be going to Albuquerque in October, as we do every year, for the last Guts Frisbee tournament of the year.  Dang u Covid!

Stay safe Foodies.

Instapot Chicken Salsa Verde Enchiladas (serves 4)


2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts

1 (12-16 oz) jar of mild salsa verde

1 small can hot chopped green chilis

lime juice, salt and pepper to taste

8 small flour tortillas

Mild Queso cheese

Green Enchilada Sauce

Sour cream


  1. Place chicken breasts on the rack/basket in teh bottom of the Instapot.  Pour the salsa verde and the green chilli over the chicken
  2. Set the cooker to poultry (will be 15 minutes) and turn on
  3. Once the chicken is cooked, shred with two forks (can do right in the cooker)
  4. Season with lime juice, salt and pepper to taste, depending on preference
  5. Fill the tortillas with the chicken mixture, add a small amount of cheese, roll up and top with some enchilada sauce and sour cream