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Do Real Men Eat Tofu? Heck ya!

This is the dish that the hubby requests the most, seriously, at least twice a month.  It is a spicy, healthy veggie dish that is so satisfying.  Who says real men don't eat tofu?

Foodie Mama's Spicy Tofu and Veggie Lo Mein:

1 - 14 oz package Extra Firm Tofu, trained
1 - 16 oz package Lo Mein Noodles
2 T Dark Sesame Oil
4 Cloves Garlic, minced
1/4 t Salt
2 heads Baby Bok Choy, cut like celery stalks, against the grain
1 Bag Baby Spinach Leaves
1 T Sugar
3 T Sambal Oelek (chile paste)
2 T Lemon Juice
2 T Sweet Bean Sauce
2 T Soy Sauce (low sodium preferred)

  • Wrap the tofu with paper towel and weight with a can or heavy dish to extract water, about 20 mins.  Cut tofu into the size desired.  I prefer larger pieces, 2 inces by 3/4 x 3/4 inches or so.
  • Cook Lo Mein noodles according to instructions on package.  Drain and reserve cooking liquid.
  • Heat sesame oil in pan over medium heat.  Add garlic to pan, cook 30 seconds. Add bok choy and spinach, cook until spinach is wilted. Add 1/2 C reserved cooking liquid and bring to a boil.  Reduce heat and cook for 5 minutes.
  • Meanwhile, in a bowl, add sugar, sambal oelek, lemon juice, bean sauce and soy sauce, stirring until combined.
  • Add noodles, an additional 1/2 C of the reserved cooking liquid and sugar mixture to pan with vegetables.  Toss to combine.  Cook at medium high heat for 1 minute, stirring constantly.  Remove from heat.
  • Add tofu, gently toss to combine.  Serve immediately.

Reducing the Veggies

Love the Tofu

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